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Lorraine has been passionate about live events since she was a young girl.

Her first live stage performance was Doug Henning’s “The Magic Show” on Broadway in the 1970’s. From then on she was hooked to the LIVE SHOW Experience and as the years flew by has attended hundreds of concerts and performances. 


Lorraine is a huge music fan who has been in bands with friends, such as “Little Blind Fish,” fronted her own band with her husband and sister, called “Enchantment” playing electric guitar and singing lead vocals covering the soundtrack of her life, music of the 60’s and 70’s Rock, Blues, and Folk. She contributed to music fanzines, and book publications; and created a website and online community before “Facebook;” called where she shared photos, concert reviews and a community space for a group chat and message board; when those things were new in the America Online era of the early internet. Through her website she was able to connect with music fans that of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; in all the various configurations. is fondly remembered as a place to connect with like minded people and share in the live concert experience. They had get togethers around the country where fans of the music and the website met and broke bread and shared a drink in person.


After graduating University with a Drama & Art Degree from CUNY, she began working with Tony Camacho in the 1980’s, and the rest as they say is history!


Many Professional Standup comedians have been a part of the Comedy Camacho family in a management capacity, (Ralph Harris, John Joseph, Louis Ramey, etc) and endless projects were worked on, from VH1’s television show, Standup Spotlight, to Rodney Dangerfield’s HBO Specials, and many more. Lots of comedy clubs, concert venues, and events were booked…(Rascals Comedy Clubs, Jimmy Reids, Casual Times, The Comedy Lofts, Turning Stone, East End Comedy Club, etc)


Lorraine has had the privilege of working with many musical and comedic giants of our time; including:

George Carlin

Julio Iglesias

Kenny Rogers

Rodney Dangerfield

Pat Cooper


Lorraine is known for her excellent work ethic, expertise in problem solving, and getting the job done right and efficiently. 


Quote from Comedian Louis Ramey: “I worked with Lorraine for 15 years and can truly say she is amazing. Her work ethic and problem solving skills have made her an invaluable asset throughout my career.“

Message from Lorraine:

“I love what I do, working with the talent. I take pride in always being a constant, reliable, dedicated, consistent support for the acts.”

Lorraine Kaczorowski

Comedy Entertainment Specialist 

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